Brief Gardens – Bentota

June 14, 2014

Hello there, hope you’ve had a good week! Mine has been full of fever and rashes! Fortunately the fever and rash have both gone now, so life is back to normal. The sun is currently shining and I’m hoping to go for a walk in the park this weekend.

This week I want to show you round the Brief Gardens of Bentota, this was the home of Bevis Bawa, the brother of architect Geoffrey Bawa, who pioneered tropical modernism. Besides getting attacked by a rather ferocious gang of mosquitos (make sure you bring some repellent!) if you want to know what to do in Bentota, then this is it!


What first look like a set of steps, upon closer inspection…


Every step is a pond! What a fantastic idea, wouldn’t you love to have this in your garden?


Isn’t this wonderful, the sweeping bamboo, creating a little shelter.


These are some real steps leading you further around the garden, it’s not a massive garden, but there are lots of different sections leading you from one place to the next.


Through some trees and we came across this big root sticking out from the ground, it reminds me of a big snake!


And then this tree which looks like it has purposely built a nest for someone!


There is lots of lovely foliage there and I love this green leaf which reminds me of a green sunburst or a big umbrella!


The red veins in this green leaf are rather wonderful too! My colour theory head pops on, with the complementary combination of red and green!


Bevis must have liked Moonstones too, remember the ones in Anuradhapura?


Then I came across this rather unusual looking tree, the almost cartoon like green leaves popping out from it’s bark.


There are a lot of stone statues in the garden too, this little pagoda is rather sweet.


And this little fellow reminds me of a meerkat!


This is the famous blue door of Brief Gardens, it really pops out at you doesn’t it?


And more gateways to look through, remind you of hobbits anyone?


I wonder what it is about round things that we like so much?


What a wonderful plant pot, I love it when practical items are designed to be beautiful too, don’t you?


Here, Bevis had an outdoor bath made, with a cheeky face to keep you company!


But the most amazing thing I saw that day was something from mother nature, it is called a Bat orchid,


Isn’t it wonderful? If you love seeing the tropical side of life, come and join me on my Knit 1 Tea 1 page where I’ll be sharing a piece of paradise every day…

Take care, have a good weekend,


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