Carrot and Banana Cake, no added sugar!

May 24, 2014

Hello again, hope you’ve been having a lovely week. I’ve been busy knitting mini TukTuk purses! (promise I will show you these next week, they are adorable!) and am back on the exercise waggon!! After 5 months of no exercise, it is time to get back on it! Exercising at home in 30 degrees takes some commitment! But I do love Boxercising with Davina.

I’ve been working on a new cake! This one also has no added sugar, only the sweetness from the bananas and dates, almost guilt free?! Not so sure it’s good for you when you eat three pieces in a row which is what I did when it came out of the oven last week!

I have designed it so the ingredients are easily accessible in Sri Lanka.

NAS Carrot and Banana Cake (No added sugar!)


200g Atta Flour (use spelt if you have that available where you live)
1 1/2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon.
2 tablespoons of baking powder.
3/4 teaspoon salt.
75g Cashew nuts chopped into 4’s.
400g bananas (Use seeni if you live in SL, I think they are the best!)
300g grated carrot.
140g Curd (Curd is buffalo yoghurt, if not available use regular yoghurt)
100g stoneless dates, chopped
200ml coconut oil.
2 eggs whisked.


2 large bowls
Cake tin / dish about 20cm x 20cm (8″ x 8″)
Measuring jug


Heat the oven to 180C / 350F / Gas 4. Line your cake tin / dish with greaseproof paper (or oil paper as it’s called in SL) and grease with coconut oil.


In the first bowl, add the flour, cinnamon, baking powder, salt and nuts and mix together.


In the second bowl mash the bananas and add the grated carrot and mix. Next add the curd – adding it at this point helps to break down the curd with the friction of the carrots – if you add when the mixture is already wet the curd will break down into lumps only. Then mix in the dates, oil and eggs with the banana and carrot mix.


Next mix the dry and wet ingredients together, it should look something like this.


Pour into your prepared cake dish and place in the oven, it will take 45-50 minutes to cook, when you check to see if it’s cooked by inserting a knife, the knife will not come out completely clean, as it is a lovely moist cake – just how I like them!



You can see my knife hole in the middle! I normally dig down a little to make sure it’s ok.
Place on a baking rack to cool and if you’re anything like me you will try a piece straight away… try not to have three pieces in a row like me! I was very unrestrained!


After having a chat with one of my lovely friends, she mentioned how she would love to try out my low sugar cakes, but as she lived on her own, she wouldn’t want to make a cake so big, good point I thought. So this weekend I’m going to try out a cake for one – I think about 4 pieces would be good – you always want more than one don’t you?! I’ll have a go and once ready will add to my Google+ page. Come by and add me to your circle so you don’t miss out!

Take care, have a lovely weekend and see you soon,

Rebecca x

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