Colours of Tangalle

March 29, 2014

Hey there, hope you have had a good week and have some lovely things to do for your weekend. As I mentioned last week, we went down to Tangalle beach for some R & R. Stayed in a lovely budget place called Star Fish Beach Home a place we have stayed in many times, cheap and cheerful.


Was really pleased to see that Putha (the owner) has built a Roti Hut since we were last there, we had a Vegetable and Egg Roti for breakfast when we got there Saturday morning followed by a Banana and Nutella Roti, which I must say was absolutely divine.


They are the best roti’s I’ve eaten in Sri Lanka. Don’t exactly sit in-line with my low sugar / low-carb lifestyle but I don’t think it matters to have treats like this now and then!

Most of Saturday I sat around knitting, heaven heaven, working on a dragon fruit purse I’ve been designing. For my Module 2 of my Handknit Textile Design Course it is all about colour and stripes so Sunday I decided to go for a walk and see what colour inspiration Tangalle had to offer.


These purple flowers are everywhere, so pretty and very 3 dimensional.


Love the clusters of them and here you can see how the centre stands up like a cake decoration.


This lone flower peeping out from the dry grasses, the yellow tendrils are so pretty and delicate.


And some super spiky succulents!


Here’s a view of the Medilla Bay where StarFish Beach Cafe is. I love the fact that here no rest houses have been built on the beach so the bay is completely unspoilt.


What a wonderful view of palm tree, watch out for falling coconuts!


I love this boat in this garden, it’s been there for years now.


The colours are this bark are wonderful, definitely want to get this printed for my coursework.


And then came across these two fallen palm leaves, the colours are fantastic.


These ‘half’ flowers are ever so delicate.


I came across this lovely weathered house, the white tones are beautiful.


Some of the distressed wall.


And I love the touches of blue in this.


I am getting more and more into stained walls, the rust colours left on this wall are super.


What a fantastic monotone wall.


I caught the sun shining through these palm leaves,


The sun was also shining on these wonderful yellow trumpets.


Walking back along the beach I came across these beautiful rocks.


The collection of colours and tones in each rock is delicious.

22.Rock-detail 23.Stripey-rock

This is perfect for the stripe pictures I need too.


The last thing I want to show you is this marvellous palm tree.


The colours of the branches are amazing.


The bark felt like Hessian fabric.


The final picture, such amazing intense colour.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk around Medilla Beach, I’m looking forward to getting started on my colour work, paints at the ready! What are you up to this weekend?

Take care,

Rebecca x







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