Exploring Colombo, Gothami Temple

February 14, 2015

Well hello there, I have been having a little break, to be honest I was lacking my creative spark and I was busy with Christmas order knitting!

However, with the help of a lovely book, I have found my creative Colombo mojo back! The Essential Guide for Colombo has re-opened my eyes to all the hidden gems here, many things I have never heard of – like the Planetarium! I love planetariums and can’t quite believe there is one in Colombo.. I’m looking forward to checking that out.

This weeks explore is the Gothami and Jayawardanaramaya Temple. (Try saying that!!)

I must say, the word ‘templed-out’ does sometimes pass my lips, however with an open mind, off I went to take a look, first to Gothami Temple.

One of the things that particularly interested me, is that there are some murals painted by George Keyt, whose style was influenced by cubism. I was hoping to see this inspiration here, but unfortunately that was not the case, as cubist Buddhist paintings would have been pretty awesome!


But not to disappoint, there was still plenty of beauty to be seen, I’m not sure there is anything better than a stupa photographed against a blue sky!


I must admit, when I first saw this I thought it was a love heart, however, it is the shape of a bodhi leaf (which as you can see, is the shape of a heart)


I really like all the stripes on this image from the wall and the oil burner, this will be lovely to use for stripe inspiration!


And look as this spiky tree! I don’t think I have seen a bark so incredibly spiky before!


I really liked the carvings inside the temple, with all the swirls around this creature – I’m really not sure what it is – and the sun on the wall makes me smile.


Turned on its side, I think this is another lovely stripe inspiration, with the yellow and blue through the middle.


and what a ginormous leaf! Such beautiful colours…


As we were about to leave, looking back at the stupa, my friend spotted the bodhi leaf featured again, doesn’t it look sweet on the side?


On the way out I saw this cart, it looks quite romantic to me….


Down the road, and I couldn’t resist taking this photo of the wall painting’s outside this school, I do love yellow and green.

Just round the corner is Jayawardanaramaya Temple. (I get stuck after ward!)


This isn’t mentioned in the book, and to be honest I’m really surprised, as it is a very beautiful temple.


I first noticed the lotus flower carvings hugging round the base of the trees.


And I really love the red palm trees, such a beautiful colour – and lovely stripes again!


This is the wonderful Jack Fruit tree, with a new jack fruit growing, I love how the fruit grows from the side of the trunk!


They make a lovely curry, they also are full of seeds which are the size and shape of brazil nuts!


On the side of the tree if looked like there was some rust! Of course, not rust, but I like the colour and textures.


Inside the temple was beautiful!


The ceiling was highly decorated.


and the halos around the Buddha almost look quilted, the colours from this would be great to use for inspiration.


Outside I came across this lovely ornate water pump!


The yellow wall tile, with the blue from inside looks very pretty, I am currently working on some fair isle design for my coursework, I am going to use this as inspiration for a motif.


Dusk was coming.

So serene to stand there and watch as the sky changes colour.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my inspirational walk, maybe you will take one this weekend too?

Take care,



  • Jan

    February 15, 2015 at 07:39


    1. Rebecca

      February 26, 2015 at 22:29

      Thanks Jan 🙂

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