London fun with knitting, art, clocks and parrots!

November 8, 2014

Hello there, hope all is going well, I’ve been spending my time, like I like to, knitting and cooking. It is monsoon season here in Sri Lanka at the moment, and there is nothing better than locking up the house, having some delicious home cooked food, and then relaxing with some knitting to the sound of the rain beating down on the roof top.

Back to drier times when I was in London (it was lovely weather when we were back, barely any rain!) I enjoyed a couple of day trips down there, the first one I started off at Kings Cross Station.


I haven’t been to this station for a long time, and was happily surprised at the beautiful ceiling!


And outside this rather interesting house graffiti.

Then it was off to the Fashion and Textile Museum which has a Knitwear Chanel to Westwood exhibition on.

Unfortunately, you are only able to take photos in the first couple of rooms, but I must say, it was really nice to take a pencil and paper and walk around and draw the things that inspired me, I think it makes you look at things for longer and harder when you can’t just point and snap!

Some of my favourite pieces were the 1930’s knitted swimwear, the fair isle make do and mend post war knitting and the Pop inspired pieces with purple repeat Scottie dogs, and sweaters with ice-cream sundaes on! I used to love drawing pictures of ice-cream sundaes when I was younger too.


This rather glamorous piece is by Julien Macdonald, called Utopia.


And another openwork dress by Mark Fast.


I really like the structural shape of this dress by Alice Palmer.


Not exactly my cup of tea, but it is a very interesting ‘armory’ dress knit!


Something which is my cup of tea, Sibling, this is my first introduction to them, and I think they are wonderful! I love the fun and the colour that they infuse into their designs and I think this is exactly what knitwear should all be about!


There was a screen showing some more of their designs, I think this jump suit is fantastic! They’ve taken the idea of fair isle and put a fantastic modern twist to it.


And don’t you think this orange and pink animal combo is superb! Great stuff, an inspiring collection I was really pleased to go and see.

Next door they have the wonderful Teapod, which sells one of my favourite Teas, Dark Vanilla Cream – a Sri Lankan Tea (yes, I fly from Sri Lanka, to UK, to buy tea from Sri Lanka and bring it back with to Sri Lanka with me, crazy eh?!) with vanilla and cocoa shells, it’s delicious!

I took a wander down Bermondsey Street and came across White Cube – I had no idea one had opened on Bermondsey Street, there was a free Gilbert & George exhibition on. I have heard of Gilbert & George but did not know much about them, I was intrigued.

Along the corridor walls were inscriptions written by Gilbert & George.



It obviously made me smile to see the ‘tea drinking’ part in this one! 


The pictures are very large, they all contain Gilbert and George themselves (they are the human sculptures!)


I do like the ‘Body poppers’ made me smile… I liked the way it was geared towards showing art to the masses, it was free and the merchandise was very reasonable, signed posters for £10 etc… I really warmed to their ethos, despite it not exactly being my cup of tea, it was very interesting to look around.

Another day trip and it was off to Greenwich to visit the Planetarium.


At the station it was lovely to see a tunnel boaring head painted in the colours of the British flag, how super.


The Cutty Sark was just round the corner, where we stopped for a picnic.


Then off to see Greenwich Mean Time!


Some of the clocks inside were exquisite, I love the detail on this hand.


And the swirling lines from this one, I have a pattern designing module to do and think I will trace off the shapes from these hands as a starting point.


I am also on the look out for all forms of triangles, so this was a great find, the strong lines are very pleasing.


On the way back to the station, I was shocked to see a flock of green parrots! They were very used to humans as they didn’t mind you getting close to them and taking photos, there were so many of them, such a lovely surprise! With the help of Google, I have got some sweet ‘animations’ on my G+ page, of the parrots – the underside of there wings are a beautiful yellow colour, and one of the beautiful clocks – another yellow/gold affair!

Take care and have a lovely weekend,

Rebecca x

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