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July 26, 2014

Hello there, hope you’ve been having a good week! I’ve been playing in my garden….

My garden has been somewhat neglected this year, along with my husband encouraging me to get back into the garden, a few weeks ago, as I was about to nod off to sleep, I was thinking about how happy I was to have a garden (I had been living in an apartment for 5 years) and how sad I would be if I didn’t have a garden again, so how silly I was for not spending time in it when I love it so much!

So off we went to the garden market which is a convenient five minute drive down the road, I fancied making a little herb garden.


And this is what I came back with; basil, parsley, coriander, chives, thyme, oregano, marjoram, mint, french lavender, celery and an aloe vera plant!

I had already decided on a spot, between my two balcony doors which gets the morning sunlight every day.


Currently it was full of unused and empty plant pots…


I cleared all the pots away and dug up a rectangle of soil.


It was full or rocks and rubble!!


I had some compost to add which I forked in and then used the rubble to make a little border.


Next the fun bit! Planting all the herbs! The mint I put in a pot as that grows a bit like a weed and gets everywhere, and the celery I planted in the tub on the right.


And here it is two weeks later, the basil is doing really well, the coriander didn’t make it and the chives, although still alive don’t seem to be doing much at all! The celery and mint are both happy but I’m not sure about the french lavender either….


I’ve also got ginger growing in the garden! Ages ago I had some ginger in the fruit bowl and I noticed it had started to sprout, I decided to put it in the pot and now I have a lovely ginger plant, it’s really nice whenever I want some ginger to be able to go and pick some from the garden to eat.


Another thing that is great to grow is spinach. Here spinach is sold on the stalks, so once you have picked all the leaves off, all you need to do is stick them in the ground and wait…


Here it is after two weeks


and again after four!

Like I mentioned, I love going into the garden, collecting some food and going back into the kitchen to cook and eat! Growing herbs and leaves is a great way to start growing food in your garden.

One thing I like to cook with my spinach is a lovely Spinach and Basil Omelette, so I thought I would share this with you too, so if you decide to grow some herbs and spinach, this is what you can do with it!

Spinach and Basil Omelette for two.


4 rashers of bacon if you wish
1 small onion, roughly chopped
1/2 pepper, chopped into 1cm (1/2″) ish squares
3 tomato, chopped into 1cm (1/2″) ish squares
20 spinach leaves (about 35g) sliced into 2.5cm (1″) thick strips
20 basil leaves halved
Salt and pepper
4 eggs
a splash of cream
a splash or two of coconut oil

Small frying pan

Using scissors cut the bacon rasher into 1cm (1/2″) ish squares. Add a splash of coconut oil into the frying pan and on a medium heat start cooking the bacon. After a couple of minutes add the onions and pepper and cook for a further 5 minutes. Whilst they are cooking, crack the eggs into a bowl, add some salt, pepper, a splash of cream and then beat together.

Add the chopped tomatoes, to the frying pan, stir them in, wait a minute, then add the spinach and basil.

Once the spinach has wilted (it won’t take long) you can then add the eggs. Stir the eggs for a minute, mixing them round until small lumps start to form, then pat the mixture down and turn the flame to low. Leave for five minutes.

Then the tricky bit, using a spatula and an up and down motion between the edge of the frying pan and omelette, gently free the omelette from the sides of the pan, I add a little oil around the edges whilst I do this and wiggle the spactula underneath a little. Once you have gone all the way round with the spatula and oil, the omelette should be free moving from the pan. Turn the flame up a little, still on low, and leave for another couple of minutes. If you have a melt proof pan and a grill, you can then grill the top of the omelette. If you don’t, you need to get yourself a small plate and shake the omelette onto the plate. Then turn the pan up-side down on top, and flip the plate and pan the other way round so the top side of the omelette is in the bottom of the pan. Phew!

Turn the heat to low-medium and leave for a couple of minutes get your toast ready and a cup of tea!!


Voila! Home grown spinach and basil omelette!

I hope you feel inspired to pop into your garden, give it some love and maybe plant a little herb garden of your own too.

Take care and see you soon,



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