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February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines! Extra happy for me as it happens to be a public holiday here in Sri Lanka. I am fortunate to live somewhere which has lots of public holidays, can be one or two a month!

I have been very busy knitting yoga socks recently, I have just had a full set of the five showcased at Sea Foam & Coco, they sell a beautiful collection of items for your home and also a Bridal & Vogue Collection, well worth arranging a visit to go and see what they have on offer. The I Love Cherries & Violet Twist Cable are also available in my Etsy Shop

I started this morning with my favourite cup of Love Tea from Vieng Joom On

Love-Tea and with my lovely new set of short bamboo needles (ok, I know I shouldn’t get this excited about needles!)

bamboo-short-needles I bought them especially for my C&G Hand knit Textiles Course, from Bamboo Knitting Centre perfect for knitting samples on and beautiful hearts…

Valentines has definitely come to Lake Drive, I went for a little walk today and was greeted with lots of beautiful red flowers.

heliconia-flower The Heliconia flower is one of my favourites in Sri Lanka, so dramatic.

Red-and-yellow-flower Just next to it was this lovely red & yellow flower too.

Red-flowers-with-bamboo Round the corner this little sweet red flowers climbing up the bamboo. Red-flower What a lovely red trumpet!

Red-leaf-flowers This is a common plant in Sri Lanka, I really need to buy a flower book to learn all the names.. it looks like the leaves themselves turn into flowers! Comes in all colours, red, pinks, yellows… really bright and stunning.

Red-tree-flower Another tree full of red bloom!

Red-bamboo These red bamboos are marvellous.

Red-flower-next-door Between the gates of my next door neighbours house some more red flowers!

Red-flower-outside-on-ground One had dropped just outside our front door.

Red-flower-in-my-garden and even in my garden at home are red flowers blooming!

I went our for a walk to take a photo for #sheepishheartbomb and was surprised to see so many beautiful red flowers, how perfect for Valentines day.

Sheepish heart bomb is a lovely idea for people to create a heart and leave it out for someone to find, Meredith from One Sheepish Girl does a variety of yarn bombs over the year and it’s always fun to be involved.

Sheepishheartbomb Here’s my Sheepish Heart Bomb. Would you like to make one for yourself?

Valentine Knitted Heart

What you need:
Red or pink yarn, I used Wendy Pure 100% Bamboo which is a tape yarn, the ball suggests to use 5.5mm needles, as I want a tight knit so you can’t see the stuffing use 4.5mm needles.
A toggle button
Darning needle


What you need to know:
Cast on,
SSK (slip, slip, knit)
K2tog (Knit 2 together)
P2tog (Purl 2 together)
KFB (Knit in front and back of stitch)
PFB (Purl in front and back of stitch)
S2tog-k1-p2sso (Slip 2 stitches together as if to knit, knit 1 then pass two slipped stitches over knit stitch)


This is knitted ‘up-side down’ so starting with the first bump.


Cast on 3 stitches.


Row 1. KFB, K1, KFB. = 5 sts
Row 2. P1, PFB, P1, PFB, P1 = 7 sts
Row 3. K1, KFB, K3, KFB, K1 = 9 sts
Row 4. Purl
Row 5. K1, KFB, K5, KFB, K1 = 11 sts
Row 6. Purl
Row 7. K1, KFB, knit to end = 12 sts and cut tail leaving 4 inches.
1.First-bump First Bump complete!
Keep Bump on right hand needle and cast on another 3 stitches. Follow the instructions as above until Row 7.
2.second-bump After row one completed.
Row 7 for 2nd bump. K9, KFB, K1 = 12 sts
3.Both-bumps-together You will now have both bumps completed on one needle and 24 sts.
Row 8. P11, P2tog (joining both bumps) P11 = 23 sts
Row 9. Knit
Row 10. Purl
Row 11. Knit
Row 12. Purl
Row 13 K1, SSK, K17, K2tog, K1= 21 sts
Row 14. Purl
Row 15. Knit
Row 16. Purl
Row 17. Knit
Row 18. Purl
Row 19. K1, SSL, K15, K2tog, K1 = 19 sts
Row 20. and every subsequent even row purl.
Row 21. K1, SSL, K13, K2tog, K1 = 17 sts
Row 23. K1, SSL, K11, K2tog, K1 = 15 sts
Row 25. K1, SSL, K9, K2tog, K1 = 13 sts
Row 27. K1, SSL, K7, K2tog, K1 = 11 sts
Row 29. K1, SSL, K5, K2tog, K1 = 9 sts
Row 31. K1, SSL, K3, K2tog, K1 = 7 sts
Row 33. K1, SSL, K1, K2tog, K1 = 5 sts
Row 35. K1, S2tog-k1-p2sso, K1 = 3 sts
Row 37 S2tog-k1-p2sso = 1 sts.
Cut yarn leaving a 16 inch or so tail for sewing up with.
6.Two-hearts And then make another one!
The reason I knit from the top to bottom as I do like a fully fashioned decrease.
7.Fully-fashioned-decrease Which is when you decrease one stitch in and it gives you a lovely edge pattern.
Then start stitching the two hearts together from the point at the bottom, I use mattress stitch which is a lovely neat stitch, you sew together, one stitch in, through the ‘ladders’ of the yarn and it gives a seamless join.
11.Knot-the-bumps-together When you get round the first bump, tie the two tails together in a knot and push inside, you don’t need to sew any ends in, just leave them inside, all the other ones are secure.
Now you need to knit the tie. 12.Thread-on-the-button First of all thread the button onto the yarn, then cast on 40 stitches, I used the knitted cast on as it is a little looser. Then cast off 8 stitches.
13.Insert-needle-through-end Remove the needle and push the point through the end of the chain.
14.Pass-loop-over-stitch Then insert the needle back through the loop and pass the end over the stitch to make your buttonhole. Carry on casting off for another 15 stitches.
15.Pull-button-to-edge Then pull the button up to the edge of the needle.
16.Knit-a-stitch Knit the next stitch, cast off, then carry on casting off till the end.
17.Carry-on-casting-off 18.TIe-finished The finished tie with no sewing required to make the button hole or attach the button!
Position the loop where you want it to hang and carry on stitching the sides together, when you get to the tie, stitch back and forth a couple of times to secure. You can’t stitch so neatly round the top of the bumps like the sides so do the best you can.
Once you get round the second side stop part way down and sew up the other side from the point so you have a hole about one inch left. Put the stuffing inside and then finish sewing together.
Tie the two ends into a knot, using a needle, thread the yarn through the centre of the heart and then carefully trim the end.

Hang-up-heart Find somewhere to hang! I also think it would be lovely to stuff with lavender so you can hang in your cupboards…

Hope you have enjoyed my red flowers of Lake Drive and the Knitted heart pattern, don’t forget to pop by and have a look in my Etsy shop, see you next week,

Rebecca x







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