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July 12, 2014

Hello there, hope you’ve been having a lovely week, it’s been very busy for me with work, and finishing off my Module 2 of my Hand Knit Textile design course, I’ve been up late every night this week to get it finished and it’s now in the post!

I’ve got various knitting projects on the go (as normal) and I wanted to share with you my knitting in progress. I’ll start first with what I’ve finished. As I mentioned in my Stripe Design Inspiration, module 2 was all about colour, and part of that was having to design 12 different stripe patterns, here are a few more of my designs alongside the inspiration.


Picture taken from one of the architect magazines I get in Sri Lanka.


Another building for this colourful stripe design.


Wallpaper magazine is one of my favourites, and this interesting toilet was the inspiration for this stripe!


And one of my own photos, a Hindu Temple near Chilaw, I love this seed stitch design, I think it is very pretty.

The next knitty things I have finished are my super cute TukTuk purses!



I really enjoyed knitting these, I originally was going to have the zip on the top but soon realised that the opening would be far too small and changed it to the side. They are perfect for holding your purse, loose change and a great gift for someone who loves Asia!



The red one I made has already sold, but I did have time to make a little animation with them, with the help of Google Auto Awesome before it went to it’s new home!


Now onto the middle! My lime shawl is knitted! Very close to the being finished all I have to do is sew in the ends and block, I really should get on with it so I can wear it!


And my Dragon Fruit purse is close to the finishing line too! The wadding has been added, the pattern’s been made for the lining, I just need to stitch the lining up, attach the zip and sew in the final few ends. I’ve been wondering how to photograph it, I thought with a bowl of real dragon fruits, however today I’m happy with the idea of a lovely fruit bowl, full of my favourite fruits, passion, banana, pineapple, and rambutans with my Dragon fruit purse proudly nested between them, now I know what I want to do, I think I will get this done soon!


Now, I know this looks like a rag, but one day, it will turn into the most delicate, beautiful, shawl I have knitted! This is a true wedding ring shawl (so fine it will pass through the centre of a ring) This has been on my ‘to do’ list for a long time, I mention it in my Top 5 Knitting books post and I have finally decided to start it. After I had finished my lime shawl I realised I had no project ready to go, but then realised of course I did! I had this one! So whilst I am designing new pieces and working on new ideas I will always have something to knit. I think this will take me at least a year to complete. I’m currently working on the outside triangle border.


I have 64 of these triangles to knit! So far I have knitted 50. Once they have been finished, the first row of the shawl consists of 1,856 stitches!! Think that will take some time to do… 13a.Peacock

Now onto the new project! I have been thinking and planning this one for a while, it’s going to be a knitted clock inspired by the lovely Peacocks you get on the Hindu Temples.


I finally got hold of the yarn this week, if I had a purple as well, I would have my own yarn colour circle!


It’s Sirdar Snuggly baby bamboo from the wonderful Love Knitting


This is the start of my ideas, I came up with the idea I could use the outer peacock feathers for the hours of the day!

14.Design-ideas Experimenting with different feather ideas. Using Elizabeth Zimmermans Pi shawl theory I worked out how many stitches I would need and started drawing out a chart. It was a bit difficult to draw all the squares, and also they didn’t match together through the increases. Back to the drawing board and googled for polar charts and I found some! I painstakingly added all the stitches in and have now started colouring in the design!




Now the yarn has turned up I really looking forward to finalising the design and knitting a wedge to try it out! Talking of which, I think I shall go and get on with that now!

Hope you are all enjoying your creative projects, I would love to see what they are, feel free to connect with my on G+ so I can see what you have been making too!

Take care,




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