Knitting in the tropics and exciting news from the garden…

December 7, 2013

It’s not often I need to wear a jumper (although it has been known) gloves, hats, generally warm knitted items… which is why I started knitted lace – coupled with the fact that it is very beautiful – in the first place. Knitting a shawl is perfect for knitting in the tropics, it doesn’t make me hot covering my lap whilst I’m knitting for a start! Accessories, decorations, home items are the way to go…

I participated in a lovely on-line event last weekend called #sheepishthanks yarn bomb, the idea is to make a make a little creation and leave for someone to find, to spread creativity and happiness, such a lovely idea.

I have recently started teaching knitting, on a Sunday I have a lovely Mother & daughter who come for lessons. The second week the young girl brought me a beautiful picture she had drawn thanking me for teaching her to knit.

thank-you-picture I was touched by this, it made me smile a lot. I thought the sheepish thanks would be perfect for her, I remembered a Cherry Crochet pattern I had in one of my books, found it and got crocheting…

sheepishthanks This is my Sheepish Thanks… you can see more Sheepish Thanks on One sheepish girl

When you first start to learn to knit, a scarf always pops to mind for your first project, but when knitting in the tropics, not so useful. Another lady I am teaching had the idea she wanted to knit some bunting. I created a pattern for her and thinking about it, knitting bunting is a great way to learn knitting techniques on a small scale. The first one was maybe a bit too difficult as it had decreases on knit and purl side so I’ve decided to simplify it a bit and changed it all to knit side decreases.

The techniques required are being able to cast on, knit, purl, cast off and the additional techniques are:

k2tog – knit 2 together,

SSK – Slip, slip knit,

S2tog-k1-p2sso – Slip 2 together, knit 1 and pass slip stitches over

YO twice – double yarn over

Knitting the bunting triangles gave me the idea to do some Christmas bunting – so red and green bunting!!

bunting-before-blocking This is the bunting before blocking, it is always worth the time to block as the knitting looks much better after.

blocking-bunting For acrylics you can not use any heat, for small items an ironing board is an ideal place, pin the knitting onto the ironing board, with the pins at an angle, then spray the knitting with water and leave to dry over night.

Stripey-bunting I really love the stripey one! Knitted with four rows of each colour.

bunting-close-up In the morning you can darn in the ends, thread ribbon through the holes and hang up!

hang-up-the-bunting I think it looks super at my Tea bar.

If you would like to make some Christmas bunting for your own home or a friends, subscribe to my blog, for your free Christmas Bunting Knitting Pattern. You can see the box to the right, fill in your e-mail address and I will email the pattern to you. If you are already subscribed, send me an email and I will send you one to you too!


I am also knitting a wide silk scarf at the moment, the most beautiful colours, it looks so pretty on the needles….

It is very nearly finished, I am finishing off the second boarder however I have been distracted….Knitting the bunting got me in the Christmassy mood, wondering what I could do next, and instead of finishing off the scarf I have got side tracked with these little Christmas stockings…. Aren’t they so sweet?

christmas-stockings You can get the pattern for these from Little cotton rabbits

Fyberspates-ethereal-lace I’ve planned my next wide silk scarf, I’m going to use the lovely green silk I bought inspired by Lola & Charlie and I think it’s time to design a new pair of yoga socks, they are great for trying out new stitch patterns.

Now, talking of Lola & Charlie, it’s time for the exciting news!!

proud-charlie When I came downstairs this morning, looked out of the right patio window and there was Charlie sitting very proud I thought on the palm leaf, not thinking too much of it I opened the curtains on the left patio window to see if I could find Lola…

can-you-spot Checking out my Tulsi Tea plant, I came across a wonderful discovery.. can you see in the above photo?

new-baby-hello Lola & Charlie have gone and had a little baby!!!

new-baby So exciting!

new-baby-what's-your-name Now, this little one needs a name too, if you have any ideas for a name, please leave a comment below to help me choose one.

Thanks for dropping by, see you next week…


  • Ashley

    January 14, 2014 at 23:59

    Your Tuk Tuk Bag is beautiful…Wondering is it for sales?

    1. Rebecca

      January 15, 2014 at 08:30

      Hello Ashley, Glad you like it and it is for sale! Please click on my Etsy shop page and follow the link.
      Rebecca x

  • Liz

    December 15, 2013 at 23:02

    Becky – your blog and website are fab! Looking forward to my first knitting project – the bunting project.

    Best wishes xx

    1. Rebecca

      December 16, 2013 at 18:06

      Thank-you so much 🙂 Have you subscribed to the blog to receive your free pattern? Check your mail to confirm the subscription x x x

  • karen

    December 9, 2013 at 20:36

    loved seeing your knitting projects, all lovely! Now the lizard 🙂 that is just the sweetest thing, I do not live where there are lizards and have only seen them in cages. Now we do have harmless snakes and turtles. Lovely post!!

  • Jan

    December 8, 2013 at 07:04

    Love your Blog Rebecca. So sweet to have your baby lizard too. Your shawl looks fantastic….is it very complicated? Off home next week and would search for suitable yarn. Jan x

    1. Rebecca

      December 8, 2013 at 08:07

      The boarder is a little complicated, I’ve knitted it a few times so am used to it now! But is only over 50 stitches and doesn’t last too long, the main body is simple but is pattern every row. You’ll need a 800yard skein of something beautiful! Mine yarn from Fyberspates x x x

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