Jungle of Koslanda Sri Lanka

March 9, 2014

Hello there, hope you have had a lovely week, today I would like to take you on a tour round Koslanda Jungle. Last year I visited the most beautiful hotel called Living Heritage Koslanda  where we spent a couple of nights relaxing, eating beautiful food and having an explore around the Jungle.

It was a wonderful trek and a bit difficult with a camera but I persevered! I lost the group a few times as I was snapping away but ended up with some beautiful inspirational photos.


You know how much I love my trees and these twisted trunks are wonderful.


I love this little cluster of loops.


More twisting!


This one reminded me of jumbled up telephone wires.



The way these branches are tied together like they are in love.


and look how ginormous this banana leaf is!


The sun catching this orange bloom is beautiful.


Have you ever wondered what coffee bean looks like when it’s growing? Here it is, Sri Lanka used to be full of coffee plants and this is a wild one left over.


A wonderful stripy fungi, this inspired a shawl which will be in my shop soon.


My first semi-circular shawl, the fungi immediately made me think of this yarn I had bought and an idea was born.


Back in the jungle and this wonderful view of the canopy.


More jungle twists


Whilst walking along a steep incline and hanging onto a barbed wire fence I saw this super spiral tendril, it was a bit interesting trying to take a photo of this, but so pleased I did.


Now a different kind of twist where the branch has come away and left this marvellous indentation.

We walked down to the river for a well deserved rest and was treated to a wonderful display of butterflies. I love butterflies, they are just so pretty.


These are called The Chestnut Streaked Sailor


Here a wonderful orange and black stripy one called The Common Lascar


And then I came across this one, I’m not sure why the wings are ‘feathered’ whether the Butterfly is near the end of it’s life I’m not sure, if it is then I think it could be called The Rustic.


And here sat in the sun, the contrast of the orange wings against the green leaf is lush, green and orange are my favourite colours if you hadn’t noticed….

Take a further look around Living Heritage Koslanda such an amazing and beautiful place to visit, I’m looking forward to going back again later this year.

Take care, hope you’ve enjoyed your inspirational wander around the jungle, which was your favourite photo?

Rebecca x







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