Lizards, Stickers and Magical Flowers….

November 30, 2013

Hello there, this week I would like to introduce you to my ‘pets’ First, say hello to Lola

Lola-1st-meet This is when I first met her in June this year, I was thinking of getting rid of this palm plant as it’s not that interesting and I have a very small garden. When I came across Lola, after seeing that this was her home, the palm plant became very interesting!

I-love-lola Lola seemed very happy in her palm plant, I talked to her most mornings before going to work.

Lola-in-her-pad But I was wondering is she was a little lonely out there by herself..

Lola-got-a-mate And then in August I saw that she had gone and got herself a mate!

Morning-Charlie Say hello to Charlie!

Charlie-morning-glory Charlie likes to greet the dawn with a rather super orange head! I think of it as his Morning Glory…

Garden-full-of-sun I have two big glass patio doors so can see the whole garden, I enjoy playing ‘where’s Lola & Charlie’ searching for them amongst all the greenery…

Lola spotted smelling the ‘roses’, chilling on the Lime tree, doing a spot of yoga and Charlie chilling on my Tulsi Tea plant.

It is Lola who features on my header, I love the fact that she is part of my Knit1Tea1 branding, it makes me smile… thanks to Ecat Design for their super work.

Knit-1-tea-1-business-cards I received my business cards back yesterday and

Knit-1-tea-1-fridge-magnets my fridge magnets. I had the idea to  send a fridge magnet with every purchase from my Etsy shop

Knit-1-tea-1-stickers Here are the stickers! I think these are my favourite, it’s great to be able to get small orders like this done. Thanks to Anim8 for doing a great job.

Now…. onto Magical flowers… it is called Wathusudu (wa-th-sud-hu) sudhu means white in Sinhala, (if you are interested in Sinhala check this blog out lazybutsmartsinhala)

Wathusudu-bud The bud grows with each petal, always 5, curled up inside.

Wathusudu-1-petal and one by one each petal uncurls and pops out.

Wathusudu-2-petal two…

Wathusudu-3-petal three…

Wathusudu-4-petal Four…

Wathusudu-5-petal and five.

I think they are magical for two reasons, the first because of this wonderful Catherine wheel way they unfold, second because they flower all year round, never stopping, always uncurling….

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting my lizards, seeing my stickers and magical flowers, see you next week…



  • Dilshan

    December 5, 2013 at 12:08

    Hi Becky,

    Thanks for linking my blog to this post. I got a notification about it which is how I came across your blog.

    I also enjoyed reading this article and getting a glimpse into the “hectic” lives of Lola & Charlie 🙂

    Now, don’t quote me on this (since I’m thinking out loud here) but it just occurred to me that since the word “wathu”, by itself means “gardens” or “plantations”, I wonder if the “wathusudhu” flower was named as such since it makes “gardens white”?… You know what, I have no proper basis to believe that and perhaps you or one of your readers might call me out on this but until that happens, this is my story and I’m sticking with it. 🙂

    Thanks again for linking to my blog. All the best with everything and I’ll be sure to drop by this blog on occasion. Take care.

    1. Rebecca

      December 5, 2013 at 20:30

      Hi there Dilshan,
      When typing this last weekend I was wondering what the “wathu” part meant, I think your analysis is perfect! They sure do make your garden white, such a lovely name.
      Thanks for popping by to say hello, take care and see you again 🙂

  • sarahhyoga

    December 3, 2013 at 20:27

    Love your blog and reading all about your garden and inspiration. So nice xxx

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