Mango man and a trip to Kalapitiya

January 25, 2014

Hello there, hope you’ve been having a good week, during the Christmas holidays we had lots of visits from the Mango man.

Mango-man Here he is, I really should ask him his name.. think I will next time he comes round.

Beautiful-mangoes and his beautiful mangoes.

Mango-man-with mangoes-on-head He carries them around on his head, I had to help him get them back up, it is really quite heavy.

He was round again today with oranges, so he is now my Orange man! Local sweet big juicy oranges, not that cheap but better than buying ones which have come all the way from Australia!

One of the weekends over Christmas, after a delicious Mango & Coconut smoothie for breakfast, we went up to Kalpitiya, hoping to see the dolphins, unfortunately the weather was against us, the sea too rough and we weren’t able to go out. As we say in Sri Lanka, what to do?

On the way up to Kalpitiya, just before Chilaw you will see a beautiful Hindu Temple called Munneswaram temple.

Munneswaram-temple This was taken on another occasion when it was a beautiful blue day, so many vibrant colours.

Munneswaram-offering I like this mask on the outside which I think must be for offerings.

Munneswaram-temple-side All the detail painted on with nearly each item a different colour is fantastic.

Munneswaram-temple- I love the bold red and yellow stripes, future inspiration for my knitwear designs I’m sure.

Munneswaram-peacock All around the wall was these lovely Peacocks, it would be great to translate this into Intarsia (picture knitting)

Munneswaram-peacock-side I wonder what the cobras represent?

We carried on and eventually got to Kalpitiya, we were staying at Ruuk Village which is a lovely very peaceful place to stay. Basic cabanas but well made and a good price, some places in Kalpitiya are very pricey so it’s good to find somewhere which is much more reasonable.

Ruuk-Village-boat-travel You also get there by boat! How great is that!

coconut-grove Next door is a beautiful Coconut Grove – you can see how windy it was!

coconut-grove- It reminded me of the beautiful Klimt Forest paintings

Beach-bark The beach there is quite ‘natural’ not for sunbathing on for sure but great for a walk.

Beach-shells It was full of shells and broken coral.

Sand-leaves Then I came across these beautiful impressions in the sand.

Sand-fireworks This one made me smile and reminded me of fireworks.

succulent-worms On the way back to the Cabanas I came across this blanket of succulents, the subtle colours of pinks and greens are beautiful and reminded me of a shaggy blanket.

Unless you like Kite Surfing there isn’t much to do at Ruuk Village but I don’t mind, they provide free tea and coffee so I sat back with my knitting, happy and relaxed.

sunset-kalapityia When dusk came, nature gave us a beautiful gift of this sunset.

Sunset-with-palms A breathtaking display, it reminded me of when I received a fountain pen from my Step-Aunt, maybe I was 12 or 14? I used to colour in paper with a sunset from Blue to purple to pink just like this picture and then draw trees on with the black ink from my lovely new pen, they may even have been palm trees but I’m not so sure.

Did you spend the weekend with me in Anuradhapura?

Take care, have a lovely week and see you next time.

Rebecca x







  • ruukvillage

    May 6, 2015 at 01:37

    Just discovered your post, very nicely written 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      May 24, 2015 at 10:40

      Thank-you 🙂

  • Sarah Lois

    February 14, 2014 at 03:23

    awesome sunset and stunning coconut groves xxx

  • karen

    January 27, 2014 at 22:18

    I’m not a huge fan of mangoes but I wonder if it is because they are not fresh like yours? Maybe. Love the sand impressions, so fairy like and dainty 🙂 Since I live about seven hours drive from the coast, whenever I am on a sea shore I collect shells. I see some pretty ones in your photos. Thanks for the walk about 🙂

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