May you will be happy

February 8, 2014

Hello there, this week I had the delight of going on a walk about with Dominic Sansoni, a wonderful photographer from Sri Lanka, I first saw his work in Barefoot when we moved to Sri Lanka and subsequently bought his Colour book which is a most beautiful collection of photographs taken from around Sri Lanka. I booked the event through Trekurious, definitely worth a look at what adventurous they have to offer if you live or are visiting Sri Lanka.

The walk around was in Pettah, Colombo around Kotahena and Jampettah Street, an area which I have never walked along, I was in for such a treat.

Ornate-door-temple First of all we visited a Temple which had the most fantastic door.

Sea-street-Colombo Outside along Sea Street is the most fantastic array of coloured plastic decorations.

Colourful-broom Down one of the alleyways, I came across this wonderful colourful broom, I love it when everyday functional items are made pretty like this.

Ghee-gingerly-oil-seller Across the road is a Ghee and Gingerly (sesame) oil seller, I have bought a bottle of each and am looking forward to trying it out, its about time I made a Butter Chicken. Along the back wall is a photo from each religion, Christian, Hindu etc a lovely reminder how all religions are living in peace together in this area of Colombo.

Temple-painting Across the Street and down another alleyway (you would have no idea it was there) was a little house which has been turned into a shrine, most colourful wall paintings cover the whole house, I particularly like how screws were placed so necklaces could be hung from round his neck.

Trees-and-purple-building I love the green trees against the background of the purple building.

Carving-in-wall and this interesting carving in the wall.

Colourful-street This row of houses all different colours made me smile.

Washing-hung-up-to-dry Down another alleyway and a colourful collection of washing hanging along the wall.

It was quite amazing once you walked down these passageways how peaceful it was, how distant the hustle and bustle of the street became.

Couple-living-in-green-house I love how all the house are painted such bright colours, this couple I’m sure have lived here all their lives.

Women-of-the-house I like how this family of women look like they are wearing matching clothes.

Colour-block-house I found the colour blocking of this house wonderful, the golden yellow and the sun shine carving on the outside.

bags-hung-up-safe Hooks at the ready to hang up and protect from the dogs and rain!

Alleway The tiled houses and little green garden along the wall.

Building-or-a-tree We then came across this half building half tree, one no longer able to survive without the other.

Building-with-tree After photographing and being so intrigued by this building it made me laugh to find out it was a toilet!

Lampost-with-poster I love the distressed colours and textures on and around this lampost.

Alleway-with-golden-wall What a wonderful golden glow along the top of this wall. Coral-wall-and-passionfuit-canope A superb coral wall with a passion fruit canopy above.

Saying-hello-from-the-balcony Looking up there is this little girl waving and blowing kisses to us below like the Queen.

Queen-of-the-row Here she is, what a beautiful girl.

Yellow-house-with-tree This wonderful yellow house with a tree growing from the smallest hole in the pavement.

Happy-girl A happy girl lives here.

Hut We walked past this hut, not sure what it sells, maybe Tea but not sure what the P could be?

May-you-will-be-happy And then these most magical words, ‘May you will be happy’ what a fantastic motto, I definitely want to create a picture or a bag or something with these words and hang in my home.

ponnambalam-temple-gate Drawing to the end of the day we visited Ponnambalam temple, a perfect time to come as the light was dimming and the golden statues glowing.

ponnambalam-temple The temple inside was amazing, someone mentioned it reminded them of Raiders of the Lost Ark which it does, a big area inside with stone carvings of all sorts, just fantastic.

An area I will definitely be exploring again, so much to see. I hope you have enjoyed walking around Pettah with me, see you next time,

Rebecca x




  • Isu

    February 21, 2014 at 19:13

    Give me a buzz next time when u go to Pettah…i dont mind exploring

  • Sarah Lois

    February 14, 2014 at 03:19

    I love the way you make the everyday things seem so beautiful Beck 🙂 Like those coloured houses – gorgeous. yr reportage / photo story idea is fab – keep it up!! xxx

  • Suchetha

    February 10, 2014 at 00:01

    tea and plain-tea of course ..

    1. Rebecca

      February 10, 2014 at 19:27

      Of course! T for Tea and P for Plain tea! Thanks Suchetha 🙂

  • Wendy

    February 8, 2014 at 16:42

    Lovely Becky and congrats to Dom on the photos. I love Pettah – one of my favourite haunts. x

    1. Rebecca

      February 8, 2014 at 17:14

      Hi Wendy, Thanks! The walk around was with Dominic but the photos were taken by myself! x

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