Photo shoot with Hamish John Appleby

December 14, 2013

Hello there, I want to share with you this week the beautiful photos I have received back from their photo shoot with Hamish John Appleby

Inspired by Rowan’s beautiful cottage bag I wanted to design my own knitted bag inspired by my life in Sri Lanka, after much thinking, it came to me, of course a Tuk Tuk bag…


I’m sure am a little biased, but I absolutely love it!


It also has a zip on its ‘roof’ to keep all your belongings safe.



These will be available for custom orders from my Etsy shop this weekend!

Next onto my delightful Yoga socks, I think these are gorgeous….

tangerine-yoga-sock tangerine-yoga-sock-relax

I think I will call these my Tangerine Tree Yoga socks…

Violet-yoga-sock-tip-toes These are my Violet Twist Yoga socks.


and my Cherry Yoga socks. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I think the cherry ones might just be it.


I might have to knit a pair for myself too, I own the orange pair in the gallery. Occasionally I get cool feet and have to put my pair on, much to my husbands disbelief!

They make me want to go somewhere cool to practice my yoga!

Moving onto Shawlettes, inspired by the Shawlette from Victorian lace today I have designed my own version with a longer, different lace ruffle, and added little red beads to the end..


I own the multi-coloured shawlette in the gallery, I just love shaking my shoulders whenever I wear it!


Ruby-shawlette-side Ruby-shawlette-on-boat

Photos taken along the beautiful South coast of Sri Lanka.

Sunset-shrug-front This is my sunset shrug, inspired by the stunning skys of Sri Lanka.


Great for keeping your arms and shoulders covered, pretty and warm!


This was the first shrug I have designed and knitted.


Available on Etsy this weekend. silk-pink-snood Last of all is my silk pink snood knitted for me to keep my neck warm in all the over air conditioned places in Sri Lanka. One of the reasons I love being here is being warm, so when I have to sit in way to cold air conditioned buildings it makes me quite grumpy! But then, it gives me reason to knit myself snoods and shawls so maybe not so bad after all!

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my new pieces, thanks again to Hamish for doing such a fantastic job, see you next week.

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