Socks & Yoga Socks

As you can imagine socks are not required in Sri Lanka! However, I had a great desire to knit some socks and after coming across ‘Knitted Socks East and West’ which has a most beautiful collection of socks using Japanese stitches I knitted the green pair for my oldest sister and the yoga socks for myself…. again, don’t really need to keep my feet warm when practising yoga here but couldn’t resist them, they did get worn with sandals during my last visit to the UK, as after 6 years of living in sandals my feet strongly protest when I put them back in shoes!

Tangerine Tree Yoga Socks

Violet Twist Yoga Socks

I Love Cherries Yoga Socks

Japanese Wave Yoga Sock

Lotus Flower Yoga Sock

Yoga socks now available in my Etsy shop.

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