Day in London – Surface Pattern Design

May 3, 2014

Hello there, I hope you have been having a lovely week. This week I want to share with you one of my day trips to London.

Armed with more Salami & pickle sandwiches than I care to mention! (I do find salami travels the best for picnics) Off we went to London for the day, first stop was to one of my favourite knitting shops, Loop, in Camden Passage. I treated myself to some more beautiful Japanese Stitch Directories – really looking forward to trying out some new stitches. Then next stop, The Fashion & Textile Museum.

On the way there, under a bridge is this wonderful installation.


I love it when you come across surprise things like this, interesting texture design and great inspiration for stripes!


I went to see ‘Artist Textiles: Picasso to Warhol’ exhibition. Above is one of Dali’s designs. My favourite pieces there were Dali, Miro and Warhol.


I’m not normally one for monotone, but I do like this design.


Back to colours and a fab collection of vintage dresses made with fabrics designed by Miro. Wouldn’t it be great to have one of these in your wardrobe!


The faces of Matisse, I like the muted tones of this design and the repeating heads circling around the centre.


A Miro print, which made me smile and reminded me of the Jamaican Flag.


The Warhol prints were definitely my favourite and stealed the show in my opinion. Warhol loved the idea of art reaching the masses and designing Textile prints to be mass produced was a great way for this to happen.


Ice-cream sundae anyone?


And some fab purple watermelons.


This circus print was wonderful! I love the lions face!


And this Ringmaster with his Fire breather and Trapeze artist!



I love the way you really feel this character is cycling across the tight rope.


The use of line drawing with the primary colours on this print works really well.


And aren’t these Cowboys surrounded by blue palm trees super!


Last for this exhibition was these wonderful acrobats! I’m currently studying colour theory on my Hand Knit Design Textile course and it was great to see and start to understand why colours are chosen and put together. Blue and Orange are complementary colours and you can see how well they work together here.


A bonus I wasn’t expecting was this wonderful collection of design boards from Sarah Campbell. I will be making my own mood boards soon and it was wonderful to see Sarah’s design process and some really beautiful surface pattern design.

17.Sarah-Campbell-design-board-green 18.Sarah-Campbell-design-board-flowers 19.Sarah-Campbell-design-board-pink

Interesting to see how Sarah has developed a range from a picture, to a colour palette and then a collection of designs. These boards were really big and I’d love to make my own one to put in my studio.


On the way back to the tube I came across some beautiful simple shutters.


A lovely flower shaped window.


And a great snap of stripes and designs the whole picture is a lovely collection of patterns, really must use this for something.


I didn’t realise how close to the Shard we were, so great to have a view of it on the way to the tube.


The last thing I want to show you this week is the wonderful Bridge of Sighs at Covent Garden Royal Opera House. We walked down this road by chance and was amazed when I saw this wonderful walkway.


I love when something functional is designed to be beautiful too.


Don’t you?

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Take care and see you next week,

Rebecca x




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