Tea Swamp Park

January 16, 2016

Hello again, I hope all has been going well, today I will take you on my walk with me to Tea Swamp Park. When I saw the park on the map, i just couldn’t resist a visit! I must admit, it is a very small park, and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a special visit here, but it had it’s prettiness never the less.


I love walking along different roads to new places, as that means there are new houses to look at! I just loved the striking grasses against this little house.


On the corner of one street, was this strong green house, I really like the shape of the roof too.


Although the paint on this house is starting to look a little tired, I do love the colour scheme of white-blue-red, it reminds me of a doll house.

3.twirly-plant (2)

We walked past a tree which was full of these, what-ever-they-are.


They look like they have been quilled from paper.


I have a bit of a thing about distressed walls, I spent a day walking around Galle Fort in Sri Lanka just taking photos of walls, I would love to recreate them in textiles or paint one day…


We finally came to the park, in fact, we nearly walked past it, it is so small, and came across some mint green lichen.


I love the colours of this funghi, it actually reminds me of the yarn I’ve bought for my Mum’s socks I’m currently knitting.


There was some beautiful ornamental grass.


With more twists and spirals!


It was beautiful how the sun light caught the top of the grass.


A lovely sphere of rock, framed with all the pebbles, again with the sun catching the tips.


And then, my favourite find of the park, this beautiful red bark enhanced again by the sunlight.


I couldn’t stop staring at it, it was just so pretty.


Just outside the park, were these little pink speckled berries.

14.Red-berry And then I saw this cluster of red ones, I love how the colours have come out in this photo, it is a beautiful colour inspiration with the creams, reds, blue and green. It would be perfect for a fair isle design.


On our walk back home, we came across this impressive street art, you see things like this all around Vancouver, and I think it’s wonderful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my walk to Tea Swamp Park and I will see you next time.

Rebecca x

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