My Top 5 Sugar Free treats!

June 28, 2014

Giving up sugar, or even seriously reducing the amount you eat is a really worthwhile journey to take, it will improve the health of your body, your teeth and reduce your waistline! Given how ingrained sugar is into our society, it is not an easy journey to start, but it does get easier once you have broken your sugar addiction cycle.

I think a full break from consuming sugar (and this includes white carbs which turn into sugar inside your body) is worth doing for at least a month, I actually went sugar free for a year, it was pretty hardcore, but it broke my habit and addiction I had to sugar. I can now say no to cake and sweets offered to me at work, I drink no sugary drinks – except a coffee milkshake every few months when we visit Galle Fort – and I probably have maybe two items a week with sugar in, whereas I used to eat and drink multiple sugary items a day. I also have gained control of the amount of sugar I eat when I do eat, before I would eat the whole bar of chocolate or two pieces of cake, now my portion size is much smaller! The less you eat, the less you crave.

I had already had some practice at giving up my vices, I stopped smoking 2 ½ years ago and drinking 3 years ago, and I used techniques learnt from this to help with my sugar addiction.

One of the most useful addiction techniques is taking one day at a time. Only think of achieving your goal for that very day. I must say the first week of not consuming sugar I was in a terrible mood all week so be warned!! And of course, it is much easier if you have no sugary items in the house!

Another thing I learned / realised, is that ingrained into society is the idea that when something bad has happened, when we are sad, when we have a terrible day, the cure for this is to either eat or drink a treat, which usually will contain some form of sugar. From a young age we are given sugar when we fall over, when something bad has happened, and this carries on into adulthood. When you give up sugar, it is very important to find a replacement for those times when you are fed up, pissed off or unhappy. This does not only have to be food related and I think it is important that it is not always food related. It has to be something else you enjoy doing, whatever that is, going for a walk in the park, watching one of your favourite programs, visiting an art gallery, being creative, going for a swim, pottering in the garden, a candlelit soak in the bath etc… Learn to also treat yourself with an activity.

For the food related treats, these are what I eat when I need a treat!

5th Best Sugar Free Treat


My Banana and Carrot cake, this is a super cake! I recommend you make the ‘cake for one or two’ option so there is not too much cake in the house. It doesn’t take too long to prepare or cook as it is small, and the only sugar is from fruit, the bananas and raisins. I have made this cake a few times now, it is delicious and due to the small size of the cake it naturally encourages you to cut a smaller slice!

4th Best Sugar Free Treat


Banana and Blueberry pancakes – These are too die for!! With ground almonds used for the flour, it is a delicious way to eat fruit and nuts! The addition of good fats along with the almonds help keep you full and satisfied.

Banana and blueberry pancakes for one.


1 banana mashed or 2 seeni bananas if you live in SL
1 egg
30g almonds ground (I use whole and grind them myself)
1 tsp ground cinnamon (Sri Lankan cinnamon is superior!)
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
50g blueberries – I use frozen ones as you can’t get hold of fresh blueberries in SL.
Nob of butter and splash of coconut oil for frying.


Mash the banana in a bowl and then add the egg and mix. Tip in the ground almonds, cinnamon, baking powder, salt and mix, then fold in the blueberries.

Heat the butter and oil in a frying pan on a medium heat, using a tablespoon, spoon out two tablespoons for each pancake – you should end up with three pancakes. Turn the heat down and cook for 3-5 minutes each side carefully flipping.

Serve on your favourite tray, with your favourtie brew! I choose a Vanilla tea, perfect with these pancakes. If it’s a beautiful day, why not go and sit in the garden to eat?

3rd Best Sugar Free Treat


Cheese!! I love cheese! Just chopping a nob off and eating straight from the fridge, or plating up a small selection of cheese is always enjoyable. I like to eat cheddar, camembert or slices of pan fried Halloumi.

Perfect Pan fried Haloumi


Slice some haloumi into 5mm / 1/4″ ish slices
Heat up a heavy based frying pan – no need for oil
Add the slices of haloumi and fry for 30-45 seconds each side, then eat and enjoy!


2nd Best Sugar Free Treat


Hot Chocolate! This is perfect for an after dinner treat. Choose your favourite mug, measure out the milk and heat on the hob. Add 1 heaped teaspoon of cacoa powder – I love The Raw Chocolate Company Organic Raw Cacao Powder, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder (Sri Lankan cinnamon of course) to the mug and add a splash of boiled water and stir to turn into a paste. Once milk is heated pour into the mug, stir, smile and enjoy!

For an extra treat you can also add a dollop of cream on top.

1st Best Sugar Free Treat


Cream! This is my number one treat, I love cream, I always have cream in my fridge, without fail, it’s perfect to add richness to a tomato sauce, great for making a quick dinner – stir fry some veg, add canned fish and cream – and perfect to eat straight out the fridge if you’re having a hardcore sugar craving! Buy good quality cream and enjoy! Cream is not bad for you, in fact eating sweets with cream make the sweets less bad for you as the fats work to stop your blood sugar spiking.

I mainly eat my cream with strawberries, I am lucky to live somewhere where strawberries grow all year round and I do love them! Whatever your favourite fruit is, chop it up, put it in a pretty bowl or glass if you wish, add a dollop of cream and enjoy. This will beat off any sugar craving you have! Cream really satiates your desires and appetite!


Five Golden Rules:

Learn to treat yourself with an activity, not just food.

It is best to have no sugary items in your house if possible.

Always have cream and fruit available in the fridge!

If you love chocolate, buy some good quality cocoa powder to eat instead.

If you end up eating some sugar, try not to eat too much, don’t beat yourself up, and get right back on the wagon!

I hope you enjoy trying out my sugar free treats and if you do then spread the sugar free love!!

This is part of Fight Back Friday Campaign for REAL food!


Take care and have a lovely weekend,

Rebecca x






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