Vesak Lanterns

May 18, 2014

Hello there, hope you’ve had another good week! I’ve had a lovely one as I was fortunate to have 2 days off my regular 9-5 (well 7.30-5!) job this week, as it is Vesak here, which is the celebration of Buddha’s birth and enlightenment.

Can you believe that after seven years of living here I still had not gone out to look at the Vesak Lanterns! My excuse – feeble as it is – when I used to live in the centre of Colombo I would see them all driving in and out of the city for a week, but now I live down Lake Drive outside of Colombo I’ve been missing them all! So as well as catching up with my coursework on my Hand Knit Textile Design course, on Thursday night I decided to venture out and take a look.

I arrived a little before it started, which turned out to be a good thing, as not long after all the main lights were turned on at 7pm, and the stalls opened, it became very very busy! Reminded me a lot of Notting Hill Carnival, but hotter and with traffic thrown in the mix!!


There is a great love of lights in Sri Lanka, and for Vesak the light displays are wonderful.


The view of Beira Lake, I love the blue lights in this tree.


In and around Colombo there are hundreds of Vesak Lantern displays. So much time and effort has gone into making them, most of them spin and turn to the music with different coloured lights flashing.


There was even a waterfall with this one!


This Lantern represents the Lotus flower which is said to represent purity and is the national flower of Sri Lanka, I love the lotus flower, they smell beautiful too.


There are these storyboard light displays all around Colombo, if you want to see it flashing in action you can check out my video.


On Beira Lake, were three beautiful boats gliding along amongst the floating Lotus flowers.


A pure white Vesak Lantern, all delicately cut from paper.


I love the balls dangling on this one, they remind me of when I was younger, at school, we always used to make ball decorations from old Christmas cards.


The streets all around the country are lit with these lanterns.


You can see lights all around and on the lake, I’m not quite sure what bird the blue lights are representing though?


Intricate paper work, the contrast of the dark and light is very striking.


I love the delicate leaves on the bottom of this display.


The strong red colour of this lantern with the long arms twirling round reminded me of something out of Doctor Who!


Although this is a simple design, I think it works very well and I love the red and green colour combination. (I am doing my colour theory module at the moment, and all these coloured lights were a great source for looking at complementary and harmonising colours!)


I love the bold changing colours of this lantern as it spins round and round.

This one was also wonderful.

I love the colours in this one too, it is hard to choose a favourite but I think the blue/yellow combination is mine, which is yours?

I hope you’ve enjoyed your walk around the Vesak Lanterns with me, I’ve had a lovely time. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the inspiration, subscribe to Knit 1 Tea 1 to receive weekly updates.

See you next week, Rebecca x


  • Mum

    May 26, 2014 at 23:18

    That was special – really enjoyed it darling. Mumxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Grace Michelle

    May 24, 2014 at 23:24

    What beautiful lights and colors and details!

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