Weekend of Knitting and Colour

April 6, 2014

Hello there, hope you’ve been having a lovely weekend so far. I have been having a relaxing time painting and knitting. I’ve just started the second module of my Hand Knit Textile design course and it’s all about colour.

I’ve been painting colour wheels, finding colour inspiration pictures from magazines and exploring complementary, split complementary and harmony colours, all rather fun. I want to have my inspiration pictures chosen so when I go back to UK next week for my holiday (I am so excited!) so I will be able to choose all the yarns I need.

A lot of my knitting so far this year has been devoted to yoga socks and samples! I’ve sent a set over to the Sunshine Coast to my friends at The High Heeled Bakers who will be selling them on their stall for me and I’ve nearly got a full set in my Shop, just need to finish the Violet Twist pair currently on my needles.


Yoga socks are great for slipping in your bag and knitting away whenever you have a spare moment, I always like to get a spot of knitting done during my lunch break.


The Lotus flower yoga socks are now available in my Etsy shop, took the photos this morning, it sure is interesting taking photos of your own feet!


And the The Sea, the sea, pair is also available. I have one more pair to make for my sister, which I’m going to take on the plane with me to do, knitting on public transport is much easier with circular needles, no chance of dropping one and having to crawl around the plane to find where it has rolled to!

So even though I enjoy knitting my yoga socks I was getting a great urge to knit some lace, I mentioned a while ago that I had already chosen the yarn for my next shawl.


Such a beautiful lime green, so Friday night I wound it up into a ball and started on a wide scarf/shawl for me!


This is the start of the border, adapted from a pattern in Victorian Lace Today one of my favourite knitting books. It’s so lovely to have some lace on the needles again. I’m using my lovely short needles I bought for my samples which means you are less likely to poke things with the end!

I’ve also made a special needle case for my new set of needles, I’m not the best at keeping pairs of needles together, normally it doesn’t matter so much as I have so many. I can normally find a mate somewhere, but with these short ones, I’ll be so cross with myself if I lose one, so to help with this I’ve made myself a lovely needle case with some Amy Butler fabric.

Needle-case-closed Needle-case-open

I love Amy Butlers fabric, so, so pretty!

The last thing I have been working on recently is my Dragon Fruit Purse.


It’s looking a little bit odd here! Kind of reminds me of a bright coloured squid!! I’ve got to buy a zip so I can finish it off, will show you again when it’s finished.

Well, as I mentioned, I am off on holiday next week, I’m so looking forward to seeing my family and a couple of day trips down to London. Exhibitions, tea shops, knitting shops… I will be in heaven! So I will be back in a few weeks, you take care and see you soon.

Rebecca x


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